friend of mine has a 124cc BSM or some brand pitbike... he said he tried to disconnect the starter on it.. NO CLUE why,, but he just wanted to use the kick start...

he says now it runs like shit... wont go... loud pops and sputters...

Any ideas what the hell he did,, he has wires messed up or what??

any idea would be GREAT!!

sounds like the battery is required for thew ignition system to work right, sounds like its not advancing. Have him hook everything back up and he should just be able to disconnect the starter right at the starter motor but if hes not removing the starter after its disconnected then whats the point? Just hook everything back up as it should be and use the electric start

thats what I told him, why the hell did you do this... ok, I will try to find how to hook all the stuff up for him... thanks..

Okay, so he brought the pit bike over, now its here... its a borena or some brand..

well, this is what is happening... It starts, with the kick starter, with the chocke on, then idles fine... but when it gets warm and ur turn the choke off, it will still idle, but then u go to give it a throttle triwst, and it pops and dies... like totally doesnt fire, just Dead..

he jacked with the wireing, BAD... this is what he has on it now... the wire bunch that comes out of the ifnition on the left case, he has one wire going to the CDI and one going to the thing that go to the spark plug.. and has a ground going to the frame...

Anyone?? &%$#@! did he do...:applause:

Bad ground

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