shimming your valves

How many of you had to shim your valves on your 06? Which one went first the intake or exhaust side? How many hours. I just had an intake go out of spec. I have 40hrs. on the bike. I thought they would have stayed in spec longer than that!! Just wanted to find out what other 06's are doing.

after 170 hrs, my right exhaust was .16, just out of spec, all the others perfect.

23 hrs. on mine tore it down to replace the piston & check the valves, my right intake crossed the line by a couple thou. and my left exhaust was on the borderline. Im sure the valves are not perfect (exact) coming from the factory so Im not realy sure how much movement I really had. One thing I think would be good & I will do on my next new one is check the valves first thing before shes ever ran for an accurate benchmark & out of curiousity just to see how close they are coming from the factory.

it all depends on wat type of riding u do....

but there're are exceptions to this...some people are lucky to not ever reshim after the first 50-70 hrs...even MX racers

if u are worried about the longevity of ur valves...u could go with S. STEEL, or S.S coated...but u lose some power, because they are heavier...and u would have to get S.S springs...

Ti are lighter and offer more power, b/c of their wieght...but they dnt last as long..cause the coating often melts off the valve stems and onto the cylinder valve seats

I have 65 hrs. on mine, and still in spec. I ride strictly MX, but I try to shift early and not rev it out too much!

That's how I ride, too. But I came from a CR500, so I'm used to shifting like that. It seems to work, so why change.

Clean oil, clean air filter, and staying off the rev-limiter:thumbsup:

anyone know the torque specs for the cam retainers?? on an 09 kx450

Clean oil, clean air filter, and staying off the rev-limiter:thumbsup:


anyone know the torque specs for the cam retainers?? on an 09 kx450

Torque - Camshaft Cap Bolts: 9.8 N·m (1.0 kgf·m, 87 in·lb)

This is from the 06-08 manual, but it should be the same I would think.

I had to shim one intake at about 50hrs , second intake at about 120hrs and exhaust at about 200 hrs . only gone one size smaller shim on each valve since new .

Oil changes every 15 hours max and clean air filter every ride .

Hi All, I'm from the KLX450 camp and about to dive into valve shimming for the first time. KX and KLX are very similar in design (but I figured KX owners are more experienced at valve adjustments) and I was just wondering if there are any "gotchas" when adjusting valves? The things I am most worried about is stripping aluminum and dropping pieces.


Just dont work with small parts when the cam cover is off , I have dropped something in before and took hours to retrieve it .

Also dont overtighten the bolts holding down the cover or the cam caps .

Just checking the clearances is very easy and quick .

ive jus rebuilt the whole engine costing me 1500 come to valve clearences and ther all in tolerence but the top end is rattling same noise as before it broke the 2 inlet valve pickup buckets and ruined the inlet cam and chucked the cam chain off any ideas on my problem?

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