Anyone tried the Kenda Carlsbad tires?

As the title said, have read some stuff about the Keneda carlsbad tires, they are supposed to grip good and last a long time and be not to expensive, $50 at

anyways, was just wondering if anyone has any experiences w/them.


Got a rear one on my bike and then my Dad bought one for his bike cause it was so good.

Great tire, cheap price, wears well, grips great.

i had one on my old XR 600, and id have to say it was pretty good, and for a cheap price, they last pretty well to compared to some of the other cheapies

A friend runs one on his 250. Seems like a really good tire for the money, and is directional. I'm going to run one when my Maxxis IT wears out, and God knows it can't be any harder to install than a Maxxis.

Forgot to mention that, one direction the tread is for intermediate, the other way is for Hard packed. Intermediate has done me great so far, the edge is just barely rounded off.

I run the c-bad front and rear and like them

They last longer than maxxis it's and michelins so some $ saved

Thats for all of the input, I will probably be trying out the Keneda C-bad when my current tires wear out.

I'm running one right know. I don't think it hooks up well when the conditions are nasty ie... mud. I experienced this yesterday when I rode.


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