Projecy KX/D update an some pics

Gosh dangit! I posted before I wanteed to and have spellling issues in the title. Why can you not change the title? :applause:

Ignore the dirty motor. I am having it totally rebuilt and will clean it and paint it at that time.

The swingarm and rear motor mount lines up now. The swing arm was cut and the rear mout was milled 2mm larger to accomidate the KX swingarm pin.

For reference, the steel sleeve in the engine case that makes up the rear motor mount is not a solid sleeve. It is aproximatly .75 inches. In between the two sleeves is empty space. If you mill the case 9mm each side, you will loose most of the actual mount strength.

Another thing, the swing arm bearing is about an inch long. Cutting 9mm off of each swing arm on the inside does nothng but remove empty space. The only load bearing surface if the swingarm bearing and that is untouched as shown below. What is removed is just filler. Beteen the bearing and the inside seal is just air. A much better option in my opinion i to remove the matrial that has no load. Additionally, the KDX has a swing arm mounting diamater of the newly cut KX swingarm. The CAD image is courtsy of TT member Bucket.:lol:

I had a machine shop do the work with a mill. It is dead nuts accurate.


The head stay lines up just fine. I removed the front motor mounts as you can see and I have a mock up. I'll cut them and tack them then weld them. Look at the bottom motor mount though, Doh! It does not line up. Apparently the 99 frame lines up. the 2000-2002 frame does not.


The bottom motor mount is actually a double layer mount so that will be tougher to reproduce. More griding too. Dang...


After the mounts are welded I will blast the powder coat off and blow a new coat of paint on the bike using OEM colors. The I'll bolt it all up. Somewhere in there the motor will be getting a full on rebuild. The enture suspension has already been fully disassembled inspected and rebuilt. It is better than new. I ven blew on a new coat of Plum Crazy thrmal paint on the rear shock spring.

Looks good so far...Nice work.:lol::applause:

When's it gonna be done?

I can't wait to see it

Looks very nice. What year forks are you using and are you rebuilding them yourself? I ride a 99 KX250 offroad only and have a bass and mid valve shim stack that I am happy with, If you'd like I'll send them to you. It's good to see your bike coming along. Thanks for keeping us posted. Ed

I sent the suspension out to Palo Verde Suspeension and had them completly go through the suspension. I replaced every bearing and bushing as well, linkage and all.

I am using a 2002 KX125 frame and swing arm and 1999 KX250 suspension with a KDX200 motor and KX250 wheels.

This may sound odd but what is a bass and mid valve shim stack and does it fit the KDX200 motor?

They are the compression valving in your forks. I have softened the fork for offroad use. Sounds like your suspension shop will take care of you. Anyway your bike is looking good. Ed

Looks nice!

Ahh yes, I see what you mean now. I kept the 99 suspension stock and I picked 99 becasue it was overly plush according to the records. It was a pretty big complaint back then. I had my CRF230 outfitted with CR250 forks and had them revalved. They work really really good on trails and what not but when riding hard they are a bit too soft.

If the stock 99 proves to be to harsh I will have the shop revalve them inbetween where my Showas are and the stock 99 KYB's.

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