Important, med info card!

A little over a year ago I went on a ride with a guy I had just met and about an hour later he slid off the trail at less than 20mph and was paralyzed from the chest down. I have been first on the scene at several minor and a few major accidents, and having medical information close at hand would make it easier for all involved. We don't like to think about it much, but riding motorcycles can be a very dangerous sport. I've been on several rides with people who I have just met and always worry about what I would do if something happened.

Here is a small jpg file motorcyclists (bicyclists might benefit from this also) could carry around with them. It has a place to list all of your emergency info for first responders in case you get in an accident.

I suggest putting this paper in an ID holder around your neck. This should help the suit or jacket protect the information. An EMT is going to be opening your suit or jacket if something were to happen to check for injuries so this would place it in a very noticeable location. Cell phones break during accidents, info written or taped to helmets might get scraped off, and bikes tend to break apart and anything placed in the bike's "trunk" might not stay put or just may not be found. Most of these "could haves" have happened in the last 3 weeks in San Diego alone to a few people I know and ride with.

Please feel free to give me feedback on other information you suggest be added. You can share this with anyone or post it on any message board if you like. Hope this helps someone in the future. I might carry a few of these with me and have new riding buddies fill them out before we hit the trails. Ride safe out there and have fun, that's what it's really all about!


---link to download---

Good Post Bro!!!:applause:

Not a bad idea. When I raced karts we provided all med info in club records. We also ran labels with the info on our helmets, on back on a sticker.

I always have some type of ID, or contact info. But I think having the medical info would be a better way for an emergency response team to help you in the event of a "bad get off". :eek:

Quote: "I suggest putting this paper in an ID holder around your neck."

I do not like the idea of having something hanging around my neck, but I always ride with a fanny pack or Camelbak. Medical card and contact info can be easily found next to my drivers license inside my wallet. :applause: If I am found unconcious, it would probably mean I need an "Air Lift" out of there anyway! (Or, you can just contact next of kin! They are listed on the contact list.):lol:

Good post tntmo. :lol:

Great post! It's always better to have information like this available and not need it than the other way around.

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