Pike state forest

are the trails at pike state forest closed now,like wayne and perry?

All public lands are closed for the season here in Ohio. State land like Pike and Perry will re-open April 1st. Wayne is Federal and re-opens April 15th. What is Pike like? I've enver been there. Perry and Wayne are the only public ride areas I've been to here in the state.

Maumee SF stays open all year.

What is Maumee like? My dad lives in Angola IN and that is the closest place to ride from him. Is it worth a trip from almost Chicago?

Interesting info 625. I did not realize Maumee was open year round. Too bad they don't do that with the other 3 areas.

radonc, here's the link to the main page showing all 4 state ride areas in Ohio, http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/facilitiesmaps/other.htm

I wouldn't drive more than a couple hours to ride Maumee personally. First off don't think of it as a trail system. It's small.... Think of it as a track. The largest elevation you will go up is the ramp to load your bike back in your truck:excuseme: Also ya better like sand and if it has rained much the holes between the WHOOPS turn into black water holes. The little bit of single track is not legal trail.OK there's the bad... With that said we still go 2-3 times a year and drive almost 2 hours each way. It's great for our kids and we enjoy it too... Just don't expect some grand terrain and you'll have a good time. Plus the price is right:prof:

THat is the kind of review that I was looking for. I also saw there was no camping. THat bites.

Ya Camping would be kinda silly there. I could ride the complete loop at Maumee in about 10-15 minutes at the most. Like I said.... It a "track" not a trail system.

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