Recharging a shock?

Anyone ever heard of this? Is this common? Its for an old RM and the guy said it needed the shock recharged because the suspension is soft. Thanks in advance.

Every bike has a nitrogen charged rear shock. Charging the shock or recharging it simply means filling the reservoir with nitrogen. Usually about 142 psi, although some suspension companies recommend up to 175 psi.

Not only should you recharge th shock you also change the oil in the shock. It depends on the year but some shocks Are easy to change and some arent. But since this is obviosly a used bike you should change the oil.

I have an 84 rm 250 and my manual says recharge the shock to 142 psi and that goes for rm 125,250,465,500 for 81 to 85. Just curios what year do you own

The bike is an 83 RM125. I just got it 2 weeks ago. I took it out last week, the bike is a blast to ride. The bike needs work though and will be my project/learner/fixer bike. Hopefully I wont mess it up too bad....

Anybody know whats the average cost for a recharge?

if you lost the nitrogen in the shock then you must service it. Take it to your local dealer or suspension tuner. There may be more wrong with it. The loss of nitrogen could mean a leaking bladder and you must get the bushing in the seal head checked also by this time you probably need a new seal. Be sure to check the full floater system for worn brngs.

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