04 EXC RFS wont start

I have a 2004 EXC RFS. Only has 350 miles on it. It has had the 350 kit installed about 100 miles ago, and some carb work, (I think an SX needle installed, but don't remember for sure). Bike ran great, but as time went on it became harder and harder to start. Then wouldn't start at all. Since it had 350 miles I suspected valves. Adjusted the valves to .005, (I'm not a mechanic, but have done my share of motor work, although not on a KTM, pretty confident I did this correctly though). The bike still doesn't want to start. Carb is getting fuel. Spark is good, and it has a new spark plug (old plug was I nice light brown color). No visible cracks in any rubber. Any other ideas??

Time to check the compression! Gas, spark & compression should start!

just a long shot, but my bike had similar symptoms and it was my fault as i had run the breather tubes up in to the airbox without making a T section in them causing the pipes to have a "U" bend which water got into and quite happily sat there causing me more stress than you can imagine :lol:

Just a thought :applause:

Found some "stickies" in the carb. Problem solved.

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