Recomendations for a suspension revalve

Anyone had a suspension revalve job done on there CRF's? Im thinking about RG3 or Race Tech. My suspension is to stiff and i have adjusted my dampning and rebound with little results. I looked up my stock spring rates for my weight and style of riding and am pretty close to were i should be.:applause:

MB1 is good stuff. Good people too. They can hook you up with about anythning you want.

I'm happy with my Factory Connection, rides like a Cadillac.

Okay…here’s the list of shops I’ve had suspension by:

Race Tech (YZ400) – Good shop, good service

Schmidt (CR500) – Great Desert set up

Humber Racing (’02 YZ250, ’03 YZ450 )

Mad Racing ( ’02 CRF450 ) – really didn’t care for there set up

White Brothers (’01 CR250) – “Okay”

Fineline ( KTM520) – GREAT people…but I don’t know anybody who could get that WP stuff to work.

Factory Connection (04 CRF250) the best I’ve ridden!

Of all the shops I’ve used, I’m happiest with Factory Connection. Great service, very knowledgeable. The set up on my CRF250 is WONDERFULL. It sucks up the small stuff but still takes the big hits. I’m 225 PLUS gear. Last year I over jumped a big 65 ft table top and flat landed. The wind was blowing and I was going down wind…. I remember thinking in the air “THIS IS GOING TO BE A HELO RIDE”…. The landing? Well I may have bottomed it…but I couldn’t feel it. The bike just sucked it up…both ends…still in complete control. I’ll use them for all my Honda work in the future. 

For KYB ENZO, period.

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