What oversize fuel tank fits 2003 DRZ400e

got conflicting info on the Clarke and Acerbis o/s tanks which tanks fit? anyone installed one on an 2003 E? If so are you happy with your color choice and fitment? thanks for your help.

acerbis 4.25 tank fits fine; but may need to trim the back of radiator guard (I have unibiker guards). I get 170 miles/tank before I hit reserve with 14/47 gearing and needle on 5th clip at 5500 altitude.

I know the Acerbis 4.25 fits on the E.

Quote from the TT member Colorado:

FWIW, I installed the Acerbis 4.2 on my E yesterday. There was a little mod I had to do to the left side Flatland radiator guard but otherwise it went right on.


Awesome you guys thanks for the repsonses. I was planning on getting both the Unibiker rad gaurds and the Clarke 3.9/4.2 gallon tank thanks for the info. As usual this is the place to ask!

Nice bike! thanks for the response, after seeing yours I am confident it the tank looks awesome! thanks for the photo response.

I have the Clarke and I like it. Rad guards fit too.

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