Phoenix to Cabo Del Sol on a XR650R vs 650L?


Newbie here. I plan on buying a dual sport. Currently I ride a CBR1100XX. Looked into KLR, but I feel that I would quickly demand more power and suspension.

So, now I'm looking at either the 650R or 650L. I plan on riding on pavement to a great extent maybe even ride from Phoenix to Cabo, Mexico and back. On top of this daily commuter and fun bike.

The R can be made street legal in AZ.

Will the R hold up to high milage?

Can I get a big enough gas tank for long rides on the R? What does the R get in miles per gallon doing 70 mph on the highway? What about when your hammering on the R?

Would it be better to just get an L ride that for a year or two then move up to the R?

I'm going to put a lot of miles on the bike and I want one that will hold up to high milage.

Thanks for the advise.


If I were you I'd choose the 650L for that much road work. It will be a lot more friendly with the electric start, taller gearing, and air cooling. I've done that ride on a streetbike and you don't want to have any mechanical problems in Mexico. The 650R isn't really made for any kind of highway use and you are talking big miles on pavement for any bike, plus you'll have to run on Mexican gas which can vary in octane from 82 to 96. I have a lot more info on this subject if you'd like to PM me. By the way, I have a 650L now that I've put about 10k on so I do have a feel for the bike.

you can get a big enough tank, this one may be overkill



and still does good offroad with it, just gotta fight a bit more


mine is street legal in AZ, very easy to do!!, and it'll eat up road miles ok, just change the oil in cabo, bring 2 quarts with you if you like. and mine runs just fine on 87 octane pump gas with no pinging, so you should be ok with the mexican special blend. I vote for the R, much more of a dirtbike though, and you will end up with a huge right leg ;-)

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