Ontario Bike ads

Hey i am from ontario, and i can't find a good website that shows bikes for sale. (apart from autotrader) If any of you guys have some suggestions could ya let me know thx.

Not a website, but I found my XR400 in the Tri-ads (print only I think). Also would like to add that I couldn't find an XR4 in the autotrader, or classifieds for about month and a half previous.

Edit: Might not be in your area though... They might have something of the sort around you though.

Thx alot guys. I have been searching for a month, and now i found 2 possible options. Appreciate it.

Thanks for the help

What bike are you looking for?

What bike are you looking for?

I'm thinking about selling my WR 400, street plated.

I was looking for a WR 250. But i just bought it yesterday. (i had to drive 3 hours to get it) Can't wait to ride it.:applause:

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