What are these frame tabs for?

2000-2002 KX125 is the frame.

I have to grind off the bottom motor mounts and the tabs with nuts on them just in front of thee mounts outlined in red are really in the way.

I suspect they are for a stock plastic skid plate or something. If so and if I plan on using a Devol skid plate theen I believe I can just cut them off. Is that right?

Any ideas?


I don't know my 99KX250 dosen't have them. Ed

I'm guessing you are right, stock (or Kawi accessory) skid of some sort. My 99 125 does not have them.

None of my 01's had those tabs, the 00 125 in my garage didn't have them, and the 99 250 in my garage doesn't have them....Yet ANOTHER change for 02!!


I have the title for the bike and the VIN number matches with the head tube. The VIN number on Kawasakis site matches the title. It all says the frame is an 2001. I cut the tabs off.

Must be a revision not a part number change. Go figure......

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