Pro Circuit and Team Green Jetting Specs

Thought it might be cool to make this a sticky it is the info strictly off of their web sites:

I know i'll be using this table...

Part---------------Stock------ Pro Circuit--------Team Green

Main Jet------------180----------170-----------------175


Clip Position-------2 or 3----------4--------------------4

Pilot Jet-------------40-----------42-------------------42

Fuel Screw (out)---1 3/4----------3-------------------2.5

Leak Jet-------------60-----------50-------------------50

Here are the links:



Here is the suspension info too off of the TG site:


Hope this helps someone:thumbsup:

:applause::lol: :lol:

Nice job! This forum needs more stickys.

That is good info.

I have the PC settings in my 06 but with the JD Red Needle.

Works well for me.:applause:

thumpermx what elevation and temp you running in maryland. It might also be good to post the teamgreen suspension settings.

the suspension is posted on another thread in this forum....but also just click on the links...great job

I don't get it.My 07 owners manual list stock as

main:182, needle NHJT,40 pilot.They don't list the NCYS as an optional needle,Which don't mean squat though.I have the NCYS in my

From what I can tell by looking at other jetting charts is the main kinda coincides with the needle tapper.Each year they change the needles the jets change too.Thinner tapper needle gets a bigger jet and vice versa..

I mean is it kinda like a guitar?you can play the same chords at a different part of the neck and make the same note?Is one needle and it's jet the same as a different needle with a different jet?:applause:

thumpermx what elevation and temp you running in maryland.

In MD were are at Sea Level and temp is norm between 50-60 in the spring time here. Like it is today and I am going riding. :applause:

Are those jetting specs for an 06 or 07? remember kawasaki allegedly "hand polishes" all thier ports now, that could make a jetting change with the motor. I have yet to take mine apart and check for myself though.

It says 2007.

This is just what I needed!!! Thank You very much!!

my bike is all stock, will i benefit any from changing to the jetting listed above or are they for modded bikes?

There great base line settings,I found that shock needle pos worked best on my 250f & stock pilot with 2&1/2 turns on mixture screw,45 leak jet,175 main,& stock exhaust.I tuned at the track with the bike at full operating temp.The suspension settings were on $ for my weight&skill level.:banghead:

I really don't know much about jetting, can someone help?

I'm going to put a Pro Circuit TI-4 Low Boy full system on my 06 KX250F. I ride mostly trails at or around 1000ft elevation. The temperature will be below 60 degrees for a few months.

Thanks for the help.

If you have not bought that pipe,I don't think it's the best one for the trails. But the jetting should be close, this time of year I had to richen the main to a 178, aftermarket pipe or stock it very close

Will the settings at the begining of the post work for an '04 also?

I think on team green site you can go back to an 04'

I think on team green site you can go back to an 04'

I went to the '04s and there is nothing for the kx250F, there is specs for some of the other bikes though

try the canadian team green site thats were i 1st found the info last year.I swaer they went back to 04'

5th colum to the right right before the 2stroke 250.........

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