Leatt "Drawing"...yeah right.

Am I the only one who feels a bit deceived by the way they advertised this? I thought it was an actual drawing, not a 'we'll decide who gets one based on who they are' event. I understand the need to put them in the hands of riders who will give them the most exposure, but if they had been clear about that up front I wouldn't have wasted my time. :applause:

How is this not clear?

"To enter the contest and win your own LEATT-BRACE™,� fill the questionnaire below (no purchase necessary/ winners chosen at ONE Industries' discretion) and see the drawing results march 1st 2007. "


I wasn't unhappy with it at all.

Of course, I did win one...:applause:

Me too.

I wonder how many they gave away...'

and im curious what you guys said in order to win!! I tried.... guess i didn't get one.

They gave away 100. There is a list of names on MotoNews. I think its under Mototalk.

i was disappointed that they didn’t say an influencing factor on the choice would be who you were. seemed misleading considering I had to write something imo

I was happy with it I won one also :applause:

IMO if you didn't win you shouldn't be whining about it. They gave you a free chance to win a very expensive neck brace. You didn't have to buy raffle tickets or anything. Im sure hundreds of people entered the contest...if you didn't win get over it because its no loss to you.

I wouldn't want or buy one. :applause:

What did you guys who won write? I thought I made a good arguement for why I should have one but maybe I went about it at the wrong angle? Care to share?

I also won one, and am a total no one. I did take time to compose a compelling essay in support of neck braces. My essay was based on my personal experience with spinal injury. I understood that it wasn't going to be a random drawing, but rather based on who they thought would best represent the cause. Thank you One Industries and Full Circle Foundation!



I didn't win one and I didn't write an essay - just a few short lines. The rules & the intent were very clear to me. Why do people have to drag this into the mud?

It was a very generous & smart thing to do on their behalf. We should all be thanking them for doing something so generous. If out of the 100 they gave away it saves one person from getting seriously hurt with an SCI it will have been worth it. Thanks to One Industries & the Full Circle Foundation for doing this. :applause:

I never win anything:cry:

I don't have any luck:cry:

Good things never happen to me:cry:

They cheated:cry:

This is NOT FAIR:cry:

I want my money back:cry: Oh, I didn't spend any:applause:

They gave their product out to many pro's and high profile people in the business for promotional purposes. They don't have to sign anyone to wear it, just give to them. This is great marketing on their part and creates awarness.:applause:


One of the questions they asked when entering the contest (if I remember correctly) was what AMA district do you race in. That gave it away as well as the giving them away at their discretion. :naughty: I ordered one right after entering the contest. :eek: I am not speedy enough to get one for free.

I did get the brace yesterday and it is really well designed. :applause::lol: I will ride with it on Sunday.

This is how marketing works. I was a Local Rep for Atomic skis way back in the day. It was all about getting the right skiers on them. One ski company was brilliant, they had five ski jackets made with the company logo, and gave them out to the hottest skiers on the mountain, these guys would ski together and they looked like a real team. The Company sold a ton of skis at that area. These local ski bums became celebritys in a small way. All because of matching jackets on the right guys. :lol:

Man I wish I knew about this.

My mom really doesn't like me riding because she thinks I'll break my neck. I would get a Leatt but I can't afford one.

It's great to see them giving these braces away but how about sending those of us that spent over $400 bucks our braces first. I've been waiting over 3 weeks and have not heard anything except "we've got your money!" I just hope the 100 people that won these don't get to "take cuts" in the waiting line!

I wish I had known about the contest... Oh well, I am always last to know anyways :applause:

I also won one. And wardo you are not alone. I am a nobody when it comes to the world of motocross. I have never even raced in a motocross race. As a matter of fact, when they asked what district I raced in, I dont even have a clue. I am however an AMA member. So, it looks to me like they gave them to people on both ends of the spectrum. I did also order three Leatt Braces about 3 weeks ago. Not waiting to see if I would win one. They way I see this is, you cant afford not to be wearing one. Me and my boys will be wearing them. I was very honored when I found out that my name was on the list. Really I was shocked. And yes I do also believe they gave some of these to people who could really put some exposure out there. Remember, you cannot put a price on your personal safety.

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