Racing Horns

During a race I heard a rider who was behind another rider warn him with a horn, it was pretty cool. Does anybody know who sells them....

Those are a little hard to mount if you're not using the stock bars.

true, i had some difficulty mounting that set-up

LOL LOL I was thinking something a little less expensive thanks anyway...

You can get a small CO2 boat horn and mount it to your handle bars. VERY loud. Better used for crank callers.:applause:

I'm goin the "old-man" route

I don't care what they say Krannie, I think those horns look bitchin' on your bike.


I think you're right AS, they look like they were made for Krannie's bike.

To tell the truth Krannie does have a horn on his bike. It's like the one they posted at first. I have to say it would be real nice to add one to my bike. I can't tell you how many times on single track trails I could have used it, or out riding with the family. I think a horn will be something I look into down the line.

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