seat texture??

when I ride in the woods a lot of the time I am standing up grabbing the seat with my knees, I can support my full weight with my knees and give my arms some rest when I need too its also helped with my clutch and break skills(not holding onto the bars as hard) I was wondering whether its worth it to put some sort of grip tape or something of the like on my seat? anyone tried this?? I figured id get advice b4 putting some nasty adhesive on the side of my bike :applause:

have you tried gutz grip seats? they have a good grippy surface on them.

N-style makes a seat cover that has a grippy feel and a deeper texture to the grain for grip.

i have it on my frame, works real well, use skateboard base stuff

yeah...i got the grip tape on my frame. I have a custom seat cover that is just plain old leather i think...nothing special. I actually like it better. I can still hold on pretty good, but i can move around on the bike better, and i dont get monkey butt near as bad.

doesn't leather get pretty slippery when it gets wet though?

I used to jump freestyle for a living and put grip tape on my seat for my seat grab tricks. I bought a roll of it from Lowes. It worked fine. When it would start getting a little shredded, some WD-40 and a little elbow grease would clean off the residue. It's brutal on the legs of your riding pants though.

I would use different seat cover material before going to grip tape. The grip tape is has a really rough surface that makes it sticky, but it will tear through a pair of $200 riding pants within a few hours.

N-Style and SDG make really grippy seat covers.

have you tried gutz grip seats? they have a good grippy surface on them.

Ya, I have one on my bike. its pretty grippy but I have seen better seat covers. It doesn't matter to me though, its just a seat cover. The SDG covers seem better.

I had someone quite seriously suggest velcro once. Ya just never know, ya know? might be the next major dirt bike fashon accessory :applause:

Here's a crazy idea. May not be as crazy as Ocean's velcro though. Try some surf board wax. That stuff is sticky, waterproof and easy to get off once you want it to come off.

Ok, jokes over, go back to your offices. Nothing to see here. Hey Bob you got my TPS reports?

I used skate tape last year, it shredded my pants big time.

You could do this to your frame as well--grip with you lower leg and upper leg.

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