Where to buy leak jets?

I work for Bob's Cycle Supply and cannot find them from a single vendor. Not Parts Unlimited, Western Powersports, Tucker Rocky, Bell, Motorcyclestuff. What gives???? :applause: Is this a dealer only item? Thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction. And please don't tell me to by the JD kit.

Depends on what size you want.

Odd leak jets (35, 45, 55) are available at the OEM TT store, also:

The 2005 250x seems to use a 55 & 65 leak.

JET, LEAK (#65) 99108-KSC-0650

JET, LEAK (#55) 99108-MEB-0550

Motoexotica had some in the 65 - 75 range when I asked a while ago.

Jd's leak jet kit is actually a good way to go if you want take you time and optimize to your liking.


Bulk www.sudco.com

any honda or yamaha dealer, I buy mine from roseville yamaha :applause:

YZF/WRF Leak Jet 4JT-1494F-XX-00

#130 XX = 33

#120 XX = 31

#110 XX = 29

#100 XX = 27

#90 XX = 23

#80 XX = 19

#70 XX = 15

#60 XX = 11

#50 XX = 07

#40 XX = 03

#35 XX = 01

Thanks guys, I just looked at jd's website. I didn't realize he sold a kit of just leak jets although I didn't see what sizes are in there. Looks like most people are using a 70 in the smr510's or somewhere in that range. I will look through the tt store more closely. The 65 would probably be close enough for as good as I ride. lol

Just spent a whole bunch of time looking for leak jets in the TT store - again. I can't find them online at the TT store except for the JD leak jet kit.

Bryan says they sell them there, the guy that answered the phone said they didn't when I called them a while ago. The OEM TT store carries them though and thats where I got the 35/45/55 leak jets from.

Got a 65 from a Honda dealer too, and my JD kit for my TE250 came with a 70. I called JD and asked what leak jets were in the kit - they then asked me "what sizes do you want?".

If all you want is a standard 65 or 70, why not give motoexotica a call? Might be easiest.



Thanks coffee, you rock. I'll check out motoexotica. :applause:

My JD kit came with a 70 leak jet which has proved somewhat lean on the new TE510, all the other fuel circuits felt close on its first ride yesterday.

In fairness to JD the jetting has been asked to perform statically on the stand in 20-30F temps. After the bike is thermally stabilized it only bogs on outright snaps and is OK if rolled on quickly. (The AP linkage is set at 2.75mm with the smaller O ring.) Dremeling the pipe restriction out has ascerbated the bog somewhat further.

Carb Parts Warehouse just sent me 60, 55 and 50 leak jets yesterday. I'm off to the garage in a bit to try a 60 and change a few other basic setups.

Carb Parts Warehouse

4207 Ridge Rd.

Cleveland, OH 44144

(216) 635-1099

Keep us posted as to which one you works the best for you. I'm still assembling my smr510, no hurry with all the snow on the ground. Just like to get it as close as possible first time out.

The advise from the jetting section on Thumpertalk I got was dont tune for on the stand,only for riding,I dont think there is a perfect leak jet size as riding environs change,Motad needs a long squirt because lots of traction and full throttle applications and trailriding needs less for smaller throttle movements,

all I needed was snap without bog to get over logs,you would be pretty keen to change them for different applications.I could not find any so drilled my 35,

which is = to 0.35mm to 0.75mm and the bog was gone.

Keep us posted as to which one you works the best for you. I'm still assembling my smr510, no hurry with all the snow on the ground. Just like to get it as close as possible first time out.

I ordered a JD kit and installed the following jetting:

Main: 182*

Pilot: 45

Needle: JD Blue, clip 5

Leak: 70 > 60

AP Linkage: 2.75mm, smaller O ring

Mixture: 3/4 > 1

* JD kit has 180, 175, 170 IIRC, 182 came from CPW

The bike starts immediately with the above jetting but often cuts out once in the 25-30F daytime temps we've had here in MD. I've been doing 3 to 5 leak jet squirts before turning the ignition on. It started and ran cleanly in the low 50F temps here Friday. (I'll keep the OEM starting jet.)

I installed the 60 leak jet yesterday. I could still bog the bike when stone cold but it was notably crisper after warming up, in fact it leapt above my self imposed 5000RPM limit. I didn't get a chance to ride it. Its close ...

Tip: Turning the bars to the right lock gave the last bit of carb movement needed for the float bowl to clear the starter.

The bike was doing lean exhaust pops when backing down Friday. I bumped the mixture screw from 3/4 to 1 turn, it idles and runs the same on the stand either way.

If you keep the exhaust restriction in place I'd try the above setup with a 70 leak jet, otherwise a 60.



Hey coffee, can you give me a link to motoexotica or even their phone #. Having a hard time finding their website. Jd's kit only comes with 4 and it works out to almost $8 a jet. Seems alittle steep to me. Thanks Monte

(707) 446-4282


thanks guys, everytime I did a search all I ended up with was some classic car sites????

I did end up going with the jd leak jet kit. You can pick what 4 sizes you want and it comes with the o-rings. On a side note, they come in a cool plastic container that you can reuse and keep all your other jets in for your bike. I'm just kinda organized that way. lol

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