Is the XR200 too small?

I am looking for a bike for my wife. She is 5'10" and about 150 lbs. Is the XR200 going to be too small? It will only be used for trail riding, nothing serious.

It might be too big if she has'nt ridden before. If she knows how to ride it'll be O.K.

no, that wont be too big at all! Maybe too small when she gets used to it. I would look at the xr250 or ttr250, you have more features with more power and those definantly wont be too big for a biginner.

It shouldn't be too small at all, I ride my wife's crf80 and have a blast! It's better to be a little too small than a little too big when it comes to getting a bike for the little ladies!

Maybe. 93-01 were downsized a bit so at 5'10" she might find those a little small. The 86-91's would be fine. I would look at the crf 230 if I were you. A little taller with an electric start and a very reliable, fairly torquie engine.

How much has she ridden? Have her try it. If she isn't totally at ease on it on the street it will be too big on the trails. I assume you want her to stay with the sport. Make it easy at first or she may never get to where its too small.

Full sized bikes are usually not the best choice for a beginner.

I have an 86 XR200R (taller) and I'm 5-10. It's fun to ride, but the suspension is really more limiting than the motor.

i got my girl a 02 xr200r, never rode a bike in her life ( except a pedal bike) shes 5'3, its pefrect size for her

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