"The Rack" "Joe Hauler" questions...

I live in NW Florida. I plan to take a vacation back home to Montana this summer and want to take my XR600R. I have seen these haulers, and wonder if they would be a good idea for hauling a bike from here to MT and back to FL. Are they just mainly for local trips? I will be making a few days stop to ride with buddies in Albuquerque, and also intend on doing a bit of gravel riding. The thing that concerns me is lateral stability of the bike carrier. Is there any way to beef up the outsides of the rack, kind of like adding heim joints or something and attaching the carrier outer ends to the receiver hitch somehow. Anybody tried it? How do they hold up? I am taking my FJ Cruiser, so the lack of anywhere else to put the bike if the rack fails is not an option. Hate to buy a trailer for one trip, and I really dont like the idea of tugging a trailer all that way. Hope I didnt confuse you too bad. I'll make a drawing and post it if I can. Later and thanks JL

The Joe Hauler will not have any problems holding up your XR. They are built very well. They are rated to hold 600 lbs. I have been using one for quite awhile with no issues. However, I don't think the FJ Cruiser will handle the tongue weight of the rack and the big XR. You might need to add air bags or something to keep the rear from sagging.

Really? I'll have to research that. Good point. Maybe I WILL have to buy a trailer...DAMN! Below is a ROUGH sketch of what I had in mind...


Try this idea-

Mount the bike on the carrier and secure as normal (use ratchet straps, not the clam-shell style straps-the DOT recognizes the clamshells as having 0 lbs safe rated capacity for a reason-THEY SUCK) :applause:

Now, from the lower RH corner in your pic, run a long ratchet strap up the side of the bike, over the seat the seat, and secure to the drivers side of the vehicle. Run another ratchet strap from the lower LH corner of the pic(arm that is sticking out directly below the LH grip on the bike) across the seat diagonally, and secure it to the passengers side of the vehicle.

This will help prevent side to side "wobble" that I have experience with my Joe Hauler with a DRZ on board-it tends to "slop" when I have the bike on there, even with the pinch bolt tight.

The FJ is rated at 5000 lbs trl rating, which should equate to a minimum of 500 lbs tongue rating-check your owners manual to be sure.


If it's rated for 500 lbs, you should be just fine, but do a trial run first, just to be safe, and be sure your headlights are shining on the road, and not into the treetops, and add a set of taillights to the hauler (cheap-o trl kits work great) to ensure traffic behind you can see you and what your intentions are.

Be safe!

I've had my Joe Hauler for 4 years now. Works great. I bought it with the gas can bracket option and put it on my motorhome. First dip bent that gas can attachment straight with the rack.

Tie down both wheels with tie downs or straps. Keeps wheels from lifting up when going over bumpy roads. Use tie downs as instructed here and use one over seat to push bike down to prevent wobble. Then drive it and enjoy!:lol::applause:

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