Decompression lever for 650 R ???

Does anyone know the part number/ model/ type decompression lever that Johnny Campbell uses on the XR 650 R. It is NOT integrated into the clutch lever, it is handle bar mounted. It could be an 600 R piece ?? I don't know (thats the problem).

Thanks for your help. Jim

I saw their last Baja 650 bike and it had a works connection perch with the comp release lever on the perch. It was the straight pull lever not the thumb push type. I'm sure the old 600r lever would work too.

The compression lever on the clutch perch is in the way of a control for a computer/rally info thing I'm installing. The first couple of years that Campbell raced the 650 R he used a handle bar mounted compression lever.

But, I don't know where the part came from. It must be Honda though???

Someone help if you can.

Thanks Jim

I have a spare XR600 decomp lever/perch if you need one of those.

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