Thinking of an '04 250X, have questions

First off, the bike I'm looking at has a Revlock autoclutch, which I'm thinking might be a good thing since I'd be dumping my XR400 for a lighter steed, and frankly, I'd probably stall a less torquey bike on the hills. (Yes, I'm more of a novice rider if you're wondering)

A few questions:

Regarding the autoclutch, does that eliminate engine braking?

If an '04 was well maintained, is it a good bike to buy used, or does the potential valve issue come into play?

I'm not sure if an '04 has a kickstarter on it, so I'm wondering if that is an issue with the autoclutch since you can't bump start.

The big plus for this bike for me, is that I can get it out and ride it before I buy it. I really like my xr400, but man it hurts me when I drop it. Getting that heavy bike back up and running starts to wear me down, and 2 or three of those and my skill level diminishes. Since I ride a lot of trails and single track, I think the 250 would keep me fresher, would not be dropped as often due to weight, and picking it up and starting it again of course would be tons easier. My only worry is that I'll have to get into the motor sooner than I really want to.

Also, if one does have to go through the top end and do valves, what does that run?

Thanks in advance,


I can't help ya with the auto clutch.I don't even know what they do.Yes the 04 has a kickstarter.Nothing will be as easy to maintain as your XR.Valves are valves you will always have to or eventually have an experiance with them.

If you reuse your 04 head when it comes time and recut the seats you should probably be able to do a valve job for about 400.00 bucks.There are other routes to take and get better life and update that 04.Plenty of info around.The thing with the 04 is other things could be wearing out.I would try to find maybe a newer year unless you know where the bike came from.

Also your size and weight could be a decider(i think bush said that once)

if your use to the torgue and power of a 400 you might not be happy with a 250.I know my freind who rides a XR400 didn't like my 250..

Getting into the motor is something you'll get use too on any crf.:applause:

Thanks white stallion,

I weigh 220, but I have been reading about much bigger guys riding the bikes so I'm not totally worried about that . New springs, and maybe a revalve and I'll be ok. I guess the only gray area for me is will the bike keep me in the garage too often. I have no issue with maintenance, I actually enjoy it, but I don't want the bike to be like an old "boat" (Break Out Another Thousand = BOAT)

This particular bike was owned by someone with many bikes, who has all of his service done at the dealer. I just wish there were ways to determine how old and how many hours are on the motor.

I think it would be a great bike for you. When you take it out and try it see how it starts cold, if it starts hard then stay away or negotiate enough off to rebuild the top end. At 220, you will want to re spring it. In a single-track situation you can’t go wrong with this bike, I went from a 02 XR4 to my 04 250X for a 100.00 difference, they are night and day different.

I would also ask when the last time he put a piston in.An 04 should have had at least two by now and maybe three.I know this depends on how much the

bike has been ridden but you don't want to get the bike needing a piston unless you negotiate that too.Hard starting could not necessarly mean it needs a top end.The bike cold be really cold blooded if not jetted right.

If I were you I'd take to the dealer or do it your self.Compression check,valve lash clearance.:applause:

The 04 X could be a good deal if it has been well maintained---I have one that I race and it has held-up very well. Several things are key to this---for one I don't pressure wash--use a garden hose, a brush, and simple green--this makes all bearings and pivots last much longer. Valve condition is something you'll have to deal with eventually anyhow but if it starts good cold she's probably ok for now. The autoclutch will take some getting used-to--if you chop the throttle there will be some loss of engine braking, you can't bump start it, and you'll likely have to learn a different cornering style. Those things work best under situations where you don't want wheelspin, like in mud and rocks, and not too well when you need a burst of power to bring the rear end around or loft the front wheel over an obstacle. I don't think an autoclutch adds much to a torquey 4-stroke like the X. It's important that the clutch be set-up to engage without allowing too much slippage or it can waste the clutch plates.

I have a 04 250X that has been well maintained and I did have to pour about a grand into it for a new head and valves - some guys have better luck but the right intake valve seems to be problematic. I also have a auto clutch (a Rekluse) and swear by it. It is really terrific in technical terrain and helps avoid stalling. It also lets you climb a loose hill in a higher gear, it will do the slipping for you. It does engine brake (some times it will release and a little blip of the throttle re engages it). The X has a kick start and a good electric start, so bumping should not be required. This is a very fun bike to ride and will seem like riding a light 125 when compared to your 400, with similar horse power as the 400 (but at higher RPM). The X is so much fun to ride its worth the maintenance with the valves, just be prepared for a new top end. When you do replace the top end, SS Kibblewhite valves and a 07 or 06 head should fix the issue once and for all, but the 04 head/valves will eventually wear into the head and require a new head.

Good luck!

My 04 has about 20 hrs. on it, looks spankin new. Previous owner liked to tinker with it and kept it polished, bearings greased and etc. Meanwhile I know a guy who weekend races his 06 250R- he has been completely through the motor and has probably worn out at least eight sets of tires. I say this because age does affect price but not condition; I'd much rather have my bike than his -even though it's worth less.

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