From Norm Kouba on our Kouba Orders!!


You are something else. You not only have sold more "T" handles than

anyone, but

every time you start a new sale on ThumperTalk the orders coming in here


from the exposure. My machinist wants to know if you are eating these


We can supply that order but would like to know how many are for the

DRZ400 "E"

models. The reason I ask is we have some "T" handles that are not

drilled quite

deep enough to fit properly on the DRZ400 "E" models, no problem on the


brands/models, as hitting the starter is not a problem. Our next batch

will fit

all, but may not have enough of them in hand by Friday 1/25/02, assuming

they all

have to fit the Suzuki DRZ "E" model. Do you want them packaged the

same as

last time? I counted like 76 singles, 19 doubles, 2 triples, one for 5,

and a

few ??? You've done good again Kevin, let me know what we can do for


Thanks much. Sooo-Haapppyyyy :-) :-)



Dr. DR

Home of the Kouba Link

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