what the ????????

that was differnt

lol, thats pretty funny

:applause::lol: :lol:

gotta be the 5th time I saw it reposted. still funy as hell. the exhaust one on transworld is funny too, weird, but funny!



Repost, but it IS kind of funny.

I think that dude was on HBO YEARS ago. If not, it was a guy who did the same thing.

sweet mullet dude.. :applause:

I cracked a smile.:applause:

there is no vid on Transworld with the exhaust i just tried to find it. Someone give me link?

that is funny

Odd guy, but somewhat funny.



funny vid glad you shared even though its a repost:thumbsup:

Someone quick bunch him!

Im glad its a repost because some of have not seen it before!

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