KLX riders

Is there gold in the stock side plate graphics? I just got some aftermarket Factor FX graphics in, and they have the gold. I cant remember if that is normal or not because I threw my old graphics out quite a while ago. It is supposed to be like OEM, except with a Factory FX logo. Not that it looks bad though...just curious

no gold in my graphics , check out page 21 of the '' show us your drz thread ''

Well, my U.S. spec '03 R model does have gold stripes. Guess down under they don't get the gold.:applause:

If you're talking about stock graphics, mine had what appears to be a simulated airbrushed gold accent around the central "V" shaped black design. It doesn't show up well in this photo - just something to counter the white.


Thanks yall. Yea these graphics are a little different. Much more gold. I like the stock a little better, but for $26 for both sides I won't complain.

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