I also posted this in the Kawaski ATV forum, but seeing that the last post was on 2/28, decided id try here. Where is the vin# for the frame located? And is there a way or a site where i can find out what year of quad it is from? It's a Kawaski Mojave if it matters.

count the vin and on the 10th digit should give you a number or a leter. If its a number it should be the year. EX- 5=2005.

If its a number tell me what it is and ill tell you what it is.

The beg should start with a jk something.

Ok, so i got that information now, but any idea on the location of the number?

MC vins are on the right side of the frame at the neck/steering tube. Not sure about quads, but it's a place to start.

might be on the front of the frame. or by the a arms

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