2007 Wr250f

Hey guys..what is the proper break in procedure for a 2007 wr250f?


I know this is another thread for break in procedure:prof:

I'm of the opinion that you should ride it like you normally would.

I did laps with my 06'. I just found 100m of grassy straight and worked through the gears, putting some load on the engine like you would in a normal ride. I didn't go balls out. I didn't go at it with my tail between my legs either.

Did that for about an 1hour all up over 3 days and then called it quits for my break in. Bike has done over 2000km now with no engine problems to speak off. Electrical though...grrr: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=476295&highlight=electrical

Asking people how to break-in engines is like asking people how tattoo after care should be done on some brand new ink. Everyone will tell you something different. Take the best parts/parts that suit you the most and just roll with it.

Your best bet would be to do what wormstrangler said just keep it about half to three quarter throttle and just take it easy for a couple of days, but after you get it broken in im sure youve seen the lack of power and i would do all the free mods because after you complete the mods it will be a different bike but in a good way

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