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Please help a veteran

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OK, I'm getting on my soap box here.

As a kid I watched the Vietnam war both on TV and at home. I remember the effects on those who served in combat & those at home. I watched high school boys get thier guts blown out. I watched home movies from behind a rock with tracers coming from all directions. I went to visit my mom's boyfriend in the hospital after he was blown out of a tank & walked down rows of soldiers with missing limbs. Now I watch the same shit on Utube. I will never agree with our foreign policies on this crap but I will always support those who put their life on the line & do what ever it takes to stand up for us. I've never met Darin but hope to share with him the freedom of offroad motorcycling that he helps to maintain for us every day.

I'm asking all of you, please help. If you can only spare $1.00, please help this guy get his dream back. If you can spare more all the better.

Also, I've tried but couldn't find any information on the president or CEO of Crystal Mountain Ski resort but I'd also like to ask for a donation from them. If you know where to get this information please post. I'd also ask that you don't send any flames or bad intentions to them.

I know linking to another forum can get me banned here but I really want to help this guy.

You can read the full story here:


Thanks for listening

Dave Hoder

You can send donations directly to:

Tasky's Metric Cycle - 425.252.2295

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