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Suspension "how it works" videos or books

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Hey guys, what/where is the best video(s) or book(s) on suspension

basics you've seen. I mean more as in how it works in general than

alot of specifics. The differences in usd and cartridge forks(in the workings)

or linkage and linkless shocks etc. I need something that gives an overall

understanding of how each different type works internally,from the top of

the stroke to the bottom, with some theory but not so deep you need a

Phd in Physics to follow.(I know there's lots of fields of physics involved

in the operations) Just a little more in laymans terms, know what I mean?

I have probably got hundreds of snippits of highly specific technical susp.

data floating around in my head I've read over the years but without a sound

understanding of the basic operations,it's not real useful.

I've looked online and bookstores and can't find anything like what I am talking about.I do almost all of my own work on my bikes,but I like to have atleast a basic understanding of things before I tear into it.Some things you can learn some as you do it, but right now I'd say I'd be quite lost in any serious susp. project.

Is this the kind of tutorial video you are proposing on here for TTers?

Thanks in advance.

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Doesn't exist. Buy some old parts and take them apart. You will either figure it out or have a bunch of scrap...then once you know how to take them apart without breaking things go to a MX-Tech seminar. They will explain the function of everything.

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You must have forgot to mention the seminars at Race Tech and Moto-Pro by accident.:applause:

GP Racing has DVDs to cover most models. www.suspension-network.com

Thanks for the replies. I did think about doing what KTM-lew said

before,but I thought it would expedite grasping it by have some "book learnin"

along with the actual hands on. Also I felt that again, the seminars wouldn't

benefit me until I was up to a certain level of understanding it all.(not to

mention they're a little pricey and w/ travel etc.) I guess it's time to roll

up the sleeves and get after it. Maybe I can eventually get a few of those

technical snippits to link up. Appreciate it guys.

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