auto clutch info

has anybody installed the auto clutch and have converted the old clutch lever into a rear brake ??

i have a old ankle injury and can't use the rear brake much . i was thinking of getting the auto clutch setup and having the rear brake on the old clutch lever .

can you let me know what brand/ type of auto clutch will suit .?

Check this out. It was on "The New Inventors" last year.


i have a brand new rekluse clutch and rear brake setup for my 06 DRZ SM (not sure if i suites yr purposes) but if so maybe look me up and i will give you a deal on it if like what i can sell it for

as i siad brand new still in the box not fitted once includes rear left hand brake setup also brand new.

i forget what i paided but will look into it if yr interested.

i got it from the oz rep for rekluse.

Recluse Z-clutch, sells the autoclutch(with which you can eliminate the clutch lever) and the left hand rear brake setup for around 650.00


Well there you go!

if u get it for 650 in au buy ten of them lol.

no way to get them here for that


take a gander at your pm

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