crf150r mixture screw

hey guys, does anyone have a picture of the standard mixture screw, i unscrewed mine the other day and when it came out i found on the floor a small steel washer and a 'o' ring seal and spring, can someone tell me or show me a pic of it assembled to see if that all belongs together, thanks for your help.:applause:

I did this when I was putting in an aftermarket. However, I did not find the steel washer nor the Oring..... You can imagine the pain in the rear I created for myself. :lol: I lost the screw at least three times on my ice track, I was able to find that but not the stock spring. MacGyver'd it wiith a pen spring that got me trough the day.:applause:

I bought a new one that comes with all the pieces.

The order they are installed is: drop the spring on the screw, next the washer, lastly the Oring.

After reinstalling the complete set I suddenly found the washer on my floor, never did find the Oring......


My rubber washer stayed in the hole.

Always place a paper towel under the carb when removing the screw. That way you can be sure what came out and what stayed in the carb.

Guys, he was asking which order to put the parts back in. Check the picture below. Look for part group 6. Should be fuel screw/spring/washer/o-ring.



Guys, he was asking which order to put the parts back in. Check the picture below. Look for part group 6.



thanks heaps for the pic:applause:

Does anyone remember if there are 2 o-rings for the white bros fuel screw? I took my fuel screw out and everything went on to the floor, and I see a smaller o-ring and a larger one that is up on the fuel screw higher which stayed on the fuel screw. So I would have the following combo Fuel Screw/o-ring/spring/washer/o-ring. Does this sound right? Should I not install the extra o-ring?


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