What Wheels work for Hooligan Mod ???


Been following all the threads lately and want to do the Hooligan mod. I understand that as of right now........this is kind of a trial and error kind of mod, but just wondering what wheels have been used that work? Maybe we could come up with a list with wheel sizes,bikes and years that will work. Pics would also be great.

I have a 01 street legal 400E that I want to convert.

I can obtain a nice set of the mag wheels from a Suzuki 1990 GS500E........would this year work for the Hooligan mod? From looking at some of the threads.......I guess I will have to get some things machined and custom made. Has anyone come up with anything that can be bolted on vs custom/machined made?

Anyone care to give a quick list on what will be needed to complete this mod?

Thanks in advance.........Herbie

I was just going to post this same question. I would like to do the same conversion and Im in the research stage to find the best suitable parts. There seems to be plenty of options for wheels on ebay and local bike salvage yards. I would like to figure out which parts will require the least amount of work.

axle size, rim and hub width, brake rotor size and cush drive are all things to be concidered.

I will keep searching through all the posts on here and see if I can compile some sort of list.


Search the garage for member "Plane DR". He has a whole list of parts and bikes you can get them from listed in his pictures. If you have access to a machine shop you will come up with the conversion I did here:


I have the GS500 wheels (front is a 3" rear is a 3.5"). They are heading off to powdercoating next week.

Thanks for some feedback....

The reason I am hesitant on the gs500 wheels is the narrow rim sizes. If I am going to do......I would like to get the wider rims. I found a rim set from a 2006 katana 600 that would prob. work, but the guy selling, never got back to me about disk diameter,overall width and width of cush hub. The rims were the proper size though.......17 x 3.5 and 4.5 , I think they would have worked..........The cush hub looks pretty big though !!! What do you think ?????? Here is the outdated link........


They appear to be the perfect wheel for the H-Mod, from the research I have done so far. Any red flags from the experts so far ???

BTW...........nice bike Sam! ........keep me in mind about those wheels !!!!!!!

Thanks for the input.......Herbie

I don't think the cush drive from the GSX600 will work. The rim itself may though.




Theses are the pages of info from Plane DR that I used to do my conversion. Hey mentions try other sizes wheels, but I don't know how wide you can go.

I've heard that the f2 and f3 Honda cbr wheels work with just a bit of work.

Look for the recent post about ktm wheels. He claims they are a direct fit!

Im in the process of converting some Cbr 600 f2 rims, i have the front rim completed, minimal machining to the rotor mounting surface removed 4mm & to the left side machined the material by the bearing down to the bearing surface level. the stock front disc is 280mm so i picked up a EBC 280 mm disc & brake caliper relocation bracket. also machined up 2 spacers left side 16mm right side 34mm. No other machining is requiered. I need the 280mm brake caliper bracket for the CBR rim. The Ebc 280mm disc will go on the Stock Drz rim. The rear I had to machine the cush drive down & rim. im getting the rim & cush drive welded together & some through bolts added. I had to machine doen the disc brake mounting surface 4mm, the stock Cbr 600 f2 disc is also 220 mm like the stock Drz rear disc. no other machining is requiered. I will post pics as soon as its completed. I have a set of rims i will part with if anyone is interested. 1 - 2005 Gs 500 front rim, 1 front rotor, 1 - 1996 Katana rear rim & disc & cush drive. I will take 150$ for all you pay shipping.

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