what exhaust is this?

To me its shape looks like an older FMF pipe, but what it fits who knows...

I'm not entirely sure, but that doesn't look like any FMF pipe I've ever seen. Looks like it just has an FMF logo on it to me!

It looks as though you should leave it alone to me..................

Now that's bling!

the last fmf pipe i had the logo was on the inside and that one is on the outside but i'm sure someone here will know for sure.i don't think it is a fmf.

it looks like the one on my 93 kx 500.

LOL, looks like a car muffler!

home made pile.

It was made by Troll Manufacturing!

That looks like a two stroke pipe! And judging by the bend on it, definately nor fitting a DRZ.

Looks like one of the old turbine core 2-stroke pipes, or a cobbled up POS made to resemble an FMF-definitely not a thumper pipe by the look of the outlet spout.


You'd think he'd at least clean the big splooge marks off.

old ass fmf

If I had to guess, I'd say that thing belongs on the end of a 2-stroke pipe. The end doesn't look like a 4 stroke muffler at all. Looks like trouble to me.

As the robot would say in LOST IN SPACE:

"....Danger, Will Robinson.."

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