150f mileage?????56 miles??READ THIS PLEASE!

Hey gear heads, I got my Vermont tag and reg. for my 05 crf 150f. I am doing the Curly Fern Enduro on 3/25/07 here in Jersey.

My Question is this-- aside from 110 main jet and next begger pilot, my bike is stock. This Enduro is two 56 mile loops of tight woods and sandy whooped out fire cuts. WILL MY BIKE GO 56 MILES on 1 tank of gas?????? This is needed information, guesses do not count here! I will not be cruiseing here, the bike will be pegged for all its worth. So go beat the hell out of your 150 with a full tank of gas and a mile computer and let me know your mileage!! no really anyone know for sure> mike in zoojersey


Your request is a tad bit confusing and contradicting. You request data for mileage from people with experience.

Personally, I feel your bike will easily go 56 miles on a full tank of gas if it is operating properly.

However, tight woods and whooped out fire cuts does not equal bike being "pegged for all its worth" in my estimation.

Good luck and ride safely.

You will get WWWAAAYYY over 56 miles on a full tank. I believe the tank is 2.3 gallons. I know street motorcycles get like 80 miles to the gallon. You should be fine with 1 tank. The question is, how will a 150 hold up to an enduro?

The question is, how will a 150 hold up to an enduro?

are u kidding me??? it will hold up fine

it might even go 100 miles i really dont know but it will do 56 miles no problem

75 to 77 miles from what I hear...Ive never tested it but someday soon...

AgentSmith is right on the money. With 1.8 Gallons (before reserve), you need to get only 32MPG to make the 56 mile loop. My 955cc street bike gets 50MPG. My 92 DR350 got 70-75MPG. I just got my Speedo installed, but not calibrated, so I don't have any hard numbers yet, but I can ride all day and not run out of gas, and I ride pretty hard. I can go longer than a CRF450R or a XR400 on my 230, and that's after the powerup jetting and airbox mods.

i ride for 6 hours sometimes without even touching the reserve, lol

I know when I ride up sand hills all day, the fuel drops quick. Mainly becuase I'm bagging the death out of the bike. 56 miles is nothing though. I would fill it to the brim though.:applause:

ive ridden a 48 mile loop on mine .trails like you describe with a 175 kit and cam....and didnt go to reserve.....however; if your trails are like the ones i rode and your" peggin it for all its worth ", you wont last as long as the gas....be careful and good luck.....

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