Speedo calibration


I have a '05 KTM 625 SXC and just fitted a set of "17 super motard wheels. My problem is the speedo is calibrated for the "21 wheel and now the speedo is reading incorrectly. Is it possible to re-calibrate the speedo?

I have noticed the speedo display flashes up '2205' when it is first activated which i assume is the circumference of the "21 wheel. Does anyone if this is able to be adjusted to suit the "17 wheel?

Thanks Z

How does the speedo pick up the info on a KTM? On the DRZ, there is a front wheel spacer that doubles as the speedo sensor. They make them for the 17" and 21" wheels, so when I swap wheels, I swap the speedo sensor. Don't know if you could find the KTM part that works with a 17" wheel or not. Just an idea.


I have the same problem on my 2007 Yamaha WR-450 that came on a 21"

Is it possible to re calibrate the speedo ?


My 06 625 smc has a switch on the back of the speedo for different size wheels ws 2205 is for a 21 inch wheel with stock tire

KTM-Unplug the odo then toggle thru to hrs. press and hold for 3-5 sec then toggle thru to WS, I set mine to 1803 for new pilot powers, plug odo back in. This is for my 07 EXC, so not guaranteed for yours.

For under $100 you can get a Trail Tech Vapor & you can set the wheel circumference. You also get RPM, engine temp, ambient air temp, ride timer, and stop watch. Easy install. Answers your question plus.

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