Possible Public track?

I have a track that I made for my brother and I to practice on in New York. I was tossing around the idea of making it public. Does anyone have any useful information on the possible legal issues, etc.? Thanks for any help.:applause:

Check with your zoning office first. If they ok it, then you'll need liability insurance. You'll also need to drawup some release waivers and minor release waivers for everyone to sign in.

Probably not a bad idea, but talk to your neighbors before you decide to open it up to the public.

I would enforce a "No Loud Bike" policy right from the start.

where are you from TRIPLE NICKEL?

where in NY are you? I will be ready to pay to ride for a nice track anyday!!!

15-20 minutes outside of Albany

there is a very similar post in the land use and legislation forum.... might find some info there. the main consensus was to talk to a paid attorney

Make sure you get waivers.. if someone gets seriously hurt and doesnt sign one, prepare to get screwed over

If it is your own property, then you should sell the property to an LLC you set up for the track business for a nominal fee. You can set up an LLC in Albany at the Department of State - it takes about ten minutes and costs around $250.00. Contact the AMA for insurance - they will be able to recommend a few companies. You will need to cary an umbrella policy for the LLC and then you can set something up where you charge each rider an insurance fee for each day they ride - Mototown in CT does this - it is $5.00 a day or $35.00 for the year. The AMA will probably be able to provide you with a standard release for everyone to sign also. When you decide to end the track business you just buy the property back from the LLC.

The only environmental thing you have to worry about is dust in the air, as it can be considered detrimental for the environment. If everyone runs stock pipes or aftermarket pipes that are quieter than stock,you will have no noise issues. To alleviate the dust issues, you will need to water the track periodically - think big tank on wheels with a pump.

I assume you don't have anyone living close by, otherwise someone would have complained already with just a few riders. We could use a place to practice close to Albany - I hope it works out for you.


Thanks for the info chuckc4. I figured that dust could be an issue so I plan on making a couple retention ponds. My only worry is if we have a dry spell the water in the ponds will dry up (small ponds). I have two neighbors that concern me about opposing this track. Each live about 1/4 mile away. Just don't know if the noise at that distance is within the legal limit(decibals). If there is a limit, I'm quessing there is?:applause:

take some pictures of it, like all of it. so we can have a look at it

I want to do the same thing. But just with a few freinds. I have a track that my team mates can practice on. Mine is not public, how would I go about making it liable free. We were told that if we all have are names on the lease for renting it than we are not liable and the property owner is not liable.

Look up N.Y recreational statute ,it clearly states to reduce liability don't charge for land use and make sure the user knows the hazards and risk involved, it excludes swimming hope there are no ponds near the track.I think that Gov. Pataki is the one that passed this law in New York.

I'll take some pictures as soon as the snow melts and track is prepped. Thanks for the input skifree.:applause:

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