Trailer for my car to pull around 2 dirtbikes.. what's the best bet?

I have a 2007 Hyundai Sonata V6 (245 hp). I have a couple dirtbikes that I would like to take around, I don't have a pickup truck. So I was thinking about putting a hitch on my Sonata and getting a trailer.

What's the best type of trailer to get for dirtbikes and how much would one cost?

I used to have one of those small ATV trailers that tilted and had a solid wooden top. This worked great for my ATV but I don't know if it would be best for a dirtbike because of the limited contact surface of dirtbike tires (I would be afriad the dirtbike might slide around on the trailers flat wooden surface). But the tilting was very nice, just tilt the trailer down and drive right up onto it..

personally i use a 3 rail trailer. Behind a 89 honda accord,,,,,,, with a carburated 4 cylinder engine. Seriously! It works great. Do a search on ebay for '3 rail" Theres always a few on there.

trailer 11-----long chih 832ta 12in tires----i have a nissan altima to pull it with----sure beats buying a truck

The tilt works for the first bike, then what??:applause:

Seriously, the HarborFreight el-cheapo 4x8 trailer is a great light duty trailer. I've hauled dirt bikes, a quad, bricks, drywall, stumps and dead cows (like I would haul a live cow:naughty: !!) with mine. You will not pass this trailer onto your children, but it will last a good long time and for $180, your kids can get their own stinkin trailer. (plus it tilts)

Smart a$$ commentary aside, bang for the buck, they're nice. You add your own deck (4x8 plywood). and make wheel chocks (or buy theirs for way too much) and you have $250 invested in a lightweight, cheap trailer.

(caution!!: hijacking detected): How do you like your Hundai? would you buy it again tomorrow if you had to?

why when i can get 31mpg and pull a bike

well how hard is it to make that Harbor freight trailer suitable for dirtbikes? does anybody have a link to this trailer btw?

oh and to the above poster... I love my Hyundai Sonata, I got the 2007 Sonata SE with the V6, puts out 245hp and is very quick. I used to have a new 2002 Nissan Maxima that I paid 30K for at the time and I think the Sonata is every bit as nice as that car was and I paid 10K less for the Sonata.. I would definately buy another one..

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