riding against the clock

When it comes to practice, I have never had anyone to time laps for me, just a group of friends to ride with, who generally just spin a couple laps at a time. I was looking at the DMC moto-trainer as a handy way to do my own lap timing. I was just wondering how many people actually practice on the clock, and how effective it really is in comparison to have someone to race/practice with?

Thanks for any input

ive never had timed practices or even races for that matter. but this year everyonce in a while im going to have a friend or family member break out the old stop watch.

This way when you try different things you can see what is faster and have hard evidence backing it up.

It also gives you something to shoot for, that way everytime you go out on the track you are treating it like a race and you are trying to beat your previous times. Through out the season you can also measure your progress.

just the first things that popped into my head. Any more benefits anyone?

there is no subsitute to haveing someone to race against/with in my opinion though. It is so much fun, and that is what this sport should be.

all my races are timed and i find that its very helpful......ive found out that my times get faster as the day goes on and the more laps i race....my last lap of the day is usulally my fastest so now i know i need to work on my earlier laps and get them to be faster, so yea for me running with times laps has helped me out

i time my self when i practice...that way i can tell where i need to work on

I let my old man use the stopwatch. But you must keep in mind that track conditions and weather are changing every day, so it`s not really 100% equal to compare your times with previous days. But it sure gives you the basic!

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