first day of riding

Today was my first day of riding in about 2-3 months. How about everybody else?

you are lucky, I still have to wait a while for the snow to melt up here in Canada, hopefully it will melt off before we get our 2 week break from school on the second week of march...

Thats just sad...:applause:

it just snowed here again

it just snowed another foot here (vermont). that makes 4 feet on the ground in my yard, could be a while. Hopefully by the end of march we can ride the sandy spots.

I had a snowday yesterday...The snow just doesnt want to melt :applause:

Tomorrow is going to be my first day of riding.....for that week.Then wednesday will be my second day of riding.......that week...I feel for you all,good luck with the riding...

Im missing a Torcs race since i have school stuff to do this weekend. Texas is great we ride all year around :applause:

Funny, you guys are waiting for some good weathers, and I am on my way from riding (dirt and sport) at least steady 2-3 times per week up to snow country, UT and ID, for some snowmobiling.

That sux about the snow. its finaly warm enough to ride here in cali. it was about 70 today and i took a nice ride through the twisty canyons where i live on my DRZ 400sm:ride:

One of the very few cool things about CA, you can ride year round :applause:

every dat in alabama

dusted off the bikes was 60 degrees here in ny:thumbsup:

i went to mototown, usa today. it was nice

Probably not for another week and a half here in NE Pennsylvania. Our snow pack is melting, about 7 inches on the ground down from about 2 feet 2 weeks ago. I leave for Charlotte, NC next Sunday for two weeks but i hope when i return on the 25th the snow will have melted and i'll be good to go. If it's warm this week i might be able to get out and do some riding on Friday or Saturday. If nothing else the end is near. March is a great month, basketball madness and the turning of the seasons.

FLORIDA!!! YEARROUND SUCKAAAAS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!:applause:

Today was my first day of riding in about 2-3 months. How about everybody else?

I would go crazy !!!!!!!:lol: :lol: :applause:

No riding for 2-3mths thats just not right. you Guys don't deserve to own dirt bikes-have you ever thought about how tough that must be on your bike??? I bet none of u sit down and have a long talk with your bike and tell them it's not it's fault. do any of you offer councelling to your bike before you lock it up in the dark for 3 mths???.

If you guys continue to act in such a disrespectful way to your bikes i'll have no choice than track u all down and ship your bikes to Australia where we ride ALL YEAR ROUND. :applause::lol: :lol: :eek:

suck it up and go through the snow.

I ride all year long

i wouldnt be suprised if i was riding in a week through the mud.

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