a-loop replacement scoops???

The radiator scoops on a a-loop kit are the same as ????

Hey Bikabilly,

Shrouds from a 1999 Honda CR250 will work. I bought an ALOOP kit for my XR about a year ago. I spoke to the salesman, Pete Denison (303) 663-3456, prior to buying it and he said that they just take the Acerbiss shrouds from a 1999 Honda CR250 and "cut one mount off the inside/bottom of the shroud." He recommended using the old one as a guide to cut the new one. Hope this helps. Call Pete if you have any questions. Good luck.

Ya, 99 cr 250 with that lower mount lobbed off worked perfect thanks for the answer!


Not the mount that broke off the one lobbed off!


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