650L Triple Clamp....



I'm 6'2" and want to add some 1 1/8 Carmichael High Bend Fat Bars to my stock 07 650L.

Can I just get 1 1/8 risers and use the stock triple? (which ones and where)

Or should I go with a whole new triple?


Is RSW the only option for an L triple clamp (I guess because of the ignition switch hole). Does this setup also add height (in addition to the bars)?

Seems like a good value at $125 w/mounts, but I worry about the quality.

What about BRP or Applied?

I just did this on an 07. I went with the "Factory Suzuki/Stock KTM" bend.

I am also over 6'2", this had the most rise with the least amount of pullback.

I used my stock triple clamp with 'Pro Taper Riser/Adapter"(<$40). It feels much better than stock.

Squatpuke, the RSW clamp is milled from billet, it is very,very strong!:applause: and yes the mounts are higher and you can turn them for farther forward too! Much better than the adapters.

The carmichael bend is not very high, the kawasaki bend or the Reed/Henry bend is much higher

Thanks for the replies...

Rebel...according to my Rocky Mountain catalog, there is a Renthal Fat Bar Carmichael HIGH which is acutally 3/4 inch taller than the CR High Bend. That's the one I was considering, not the normal Carmichael bend....

How hard is it to install a triple? Looks kinda daunting with all the electrical stuff. Suppose the risers x mentioned might be easier. I also hope I'm good with the stock cables.


I just emailed Applied Racing, and they said they do carry triples for the XRL. (didn't see them on there web site).

So still, WHY would I want to buy a new triple? What's the benefit, if I can get adaptors for the 1 1/8 bar?

I have the same bars with Moose adaptors (around $40 or so), and they work fine. I'm sure they aren't as strong as a new triple clamp, but the bike has been down numerous times with no problems so far. The stock cables fit this setup.

I'm 6'4", and the bars make a world of difference.

Your 280 lbs right, the bikes 350 at least, how strong is cast aluminum (not very) How strong is Billet aluminum very strong. Heaven forbid if you lay the bike down with the adapters, you are prone to break the stock triple clamp at the bar mounts, or worse severely crack it then find out later when it fails. Yes Applied makes a upper triple clamp be ready to spend around $300. I think there is more metal in the rsw piece, so what its not anodized, its a solid block of aluminum, you can polish it though. The install is not difficult, 2 bolts for ignition, 2 bolts for gauges (a bit of a slow process due to location but not too bad) 2 bolts on each fork leg and one nut on steering stem.

So I ask, would you rather know your safe, or be cheap and not sure?

If you get the triple clamp, mock up the bar mounts with bars mounted before you install the clamp, then torque the bar mounts to the clamp with bars in mounts, then remove the bars and install the triple clamp, you will never get to the bar mount bolts with the clamp installed!

I am 6'2" myself and opted for the Reed/Henry bend with 8mm risers. The KX high bend is even higher and I believe they have less sweepback. good luck

I pretty much followed Rebelventurer's lead and went with the RSW. The only difficult part was trying to figure out what needed to be loosened or removed to get the old clamp off and that really wasn't too time consuming. Putting the new camp on was a breeze. I' 6'2" and turned the mounts so the bars would be more forward and used some older Answer bars that came on another bike I had bought. Not sure what bend they are and it doesn't say on them; but I don't have any problems with bar height now. I've got a picture of them installed if you look in "My Garage". When you go with other bars, the only issue is the controls have a plastic pin that is molded into the housing which goes into a hole in the stock bars to help keep them in place. You will have to do one of two things; file off the pin or drill a hole in the bars to mount them. Easiest way is to file off the pin. If you decide to drill holes, do this last. Put everything else on first and positon the control housings to see exactly where the holes need to be. I tried measuring several times; but without the clutch perch and throttle housing in place, I just never seemed to be able to position the control housings correctly.

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