How much power can be had out of a DR-Z400SM with every motification done to it? I'm trying to decide on which bike to purchase, DR-Z400SM or xr650l, the max for the xr is 55hp.

I think Eddie builds a reliable 57hp DRZ:thumbsup:

Feel free to search around a bit but the local engine guru got around 70hp from a DRZ. Someone will likely chime in with a link if you don't want to search for the magazine shootout bike.

I think Eddie builds a reliable 57hp DRZ:thumbsup:

Dang almost 60hp from a 400, is that whp, and what mods are done to it?

i have 51 hp, without a stroker crank or cams.

If your looking for power and reliability, get the DRZ. One major diff is that the XR/L is air cooled. Not good for longevity, especially if you hop it up. Don't get me wrong, its a great bike, but there is no replacement for newer technology. I don't know about parts availabilty on the XR, but you can buy anything under the sun for a DRZ.

One note however, if you cruise at 70+ on the freeway A LOT, the XR might be a better way to go. It has much broader gearing.

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