finally got pics of the finished bike what you think??

before and after








Wow!!! That is a siick bike! How much money did all that cost ya?

Wow, you must've put some money into that thing with it being new and all. :applause: Did you even ride it before new graphics / rims / exhaust etc. Are you just keeping the extras for one of those just in case moments? If you'd like to get rid of them my bike could use some TLC, not that it looks so bad but I want to stay with the stock look for now and my stock graphics are kinda rubbing off. Anyway sorry bout the run on... I do really like the look though, looks really good... and expensive.

very nice bike the duals akrapovic looks sickk

moto i got lost in your post

yeah i did ride it before the mods no track riding but trails and mostly mud. i remember my first time riding it. the bike was covered in mud you couldnt see any red or any silver on the wheels and the motor was one big mud chunk

the key to keeping your bike looking good is to wash it as soon as your done riding. i think i sunk $30 worth of quarters into a hot water pressure washer that day sorry got off topic there

send me a pm if your looking for parts ill let you know what i have


i really dont have much in the bike. a friend of mine has a shop so i get all parts at cost. i think the last time i looked at the total i had around 7200 into it including the bike

very nice bike man :applause: .. what frame guards are those????

Good Job!!!!looks sweet...

Wow that looks so sweet. It looks really really good man.

:lol: WOW that is exactly how i wanted mine to look! Now i can't cuz i'll be copying your bike. Sweet bike man Looks awesome.:applause::lol:

looks awesome! those akropovik duals look nice, and i like the red hubs, did you powdercoat them?

also, watch the spokes on those pro wheels, thats the key to makin those rims last :applause:

:lol: :lol: :eek::applause:

bike looks awesome man good job.:applause:


Where did you get the black spokes?

Looks Great!

Nice!! great jobb man.

almost done, need clamps, 1-1/8" handlebar and asv's

:applause: BRAVO :lol:

Nice bike. Bet that exhaust cost you alot. :applause:

I am also doing a set of pro wheels... and having my hubs coated.....

so where did you get those spokes and nipples???

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