ultimate skid/glide plate

i wish someone made a skid/glide plate out of that plastic material that they make streetbike frame sliders out of

I would think that a plastic one wouldn't be strong or take the abuse of hitting rocks, logs, roots, etc. But if you are looking for something take a look at worksconnection they make skidplates, engine guards, rad braces (I have the braces) and many other things.

why do you want a plastic one??

cycra makes one for the hondas out of plastic :applause:

I'm surprised TM designworks doesn't make one. Their stuff rocks and doesn't get destroyed due to "collisions" with stuff.

nah i have a carbon plate now but i would want one made from that same material they make streebike frame sliders out of that stuff would be way better than carbon or steel believe it or not

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