I have joined the DRZ family

Picked this up today.

2003 DRZ 400S with a mere 2600 miles. Came with the handguards, Big Gun EvoX pipe, IMS tank, and Renthals (I think).

I paid $2750 and all in all I'm pretty pleased with the deal.






Welcome to the "Mad House" Bike looks good as well :applause:

So let the fun (spending) begin :naughty:

Neil. :lol: :lol: :eek:

Nice Bike,welcome Aboard

Good deal! Welcome to TT!

Nice bike & welcome to the club!

looks good!

Good deal! Welcome to the club :applause:

Hey welcome and enjoy your new ride

Looks like you got a good deal. :applause:

I just (today) sent the seller an email inquiring about the bike. Oh well. ENJOY!

Guess I keep shopping now...

congrats, drz's are a blast!!

Sounds like an awsome deal, congrats and welcome.


You got a very nice deal on that bike! Congrats!

You also got a good skid plate on there. Before there's any chance the bike will hit the ground, you'll want to put case guards on the crankcase and look into the MCCT. Just do a search on those terms to find out more.

You'll also want to become familiar with the primary nut fix and an annoying tendency with the countershaft sprocket nut.

After that, your DRZ will be bullet proof.

Congrats! and welcome to the party! you'll love it! (your wallet wont!)

Anyone no what skidplate that is?

I just brought home a new to me DRZ 400E. Almost same price as yours, probably more miles, more extra stuff such as new fenders, headlight/taillight kits, new extra knobbies, rejet, taller seat.

I am reading with great interest the nut fix and the problems with lubing the rear. Thanks to all who contribute here for helping a DRZ n00b get a headstart--even with simple things like oil changes. (The bike came without an owner's manual).

Congratulations on an already road legal DRZ. Mine, I will keep offroad for a few years.

I'm not sure what the skid plate is. I know I have the stock one too and that looks pathetic. I will be mostly on road with this but I plan on going off road too a very little bit.

I noticed that the passenger pegs are gone, and that the kickstand interlock is disabled. I will have to see what else is changed but I think that is it.

Also found that it has the 3x3 mod on the airbox. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it probably has the primary nut done as well.

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