fork boots

Are there any distinct advantages to fork boots for 75-80% street use? I think they look silly. But I don't want to take them off if it's going to mess something up.

I'm no suspension expert, but I believe the boots are there to keep dirt out and protect the fork from dings/scratches. I ride my DRZ on trails only and removed the boots a few years back. I've had no problems and have ridden through some pretty harsh conditions, including being roosted point blank by 'friends'. While boots keep things out, they can also trap dirt and moisture inside and making it difficult to clean. I do run some White Bros fork gaurds that are no longer available, I might switch to the KTM fork gaurds listed in various threads on this site. Hope that helps.

Fork boots are especialy good on the street IMHO.

Take a fast ride in the summer when the bugs are out. Those little buggers dry up all over you and the front of your ride. You know how hard it is to get them off your goggles or windsheild.

Just imagine that rubbing up and down on your fork seals in the same place.

I don't like replacing seals........

What about seal savers? Do those work just as well?

I just don't like the look of fork boots, they look like they belong on a bike like this:


Not a modern bike.

yes, seal savors work and I agree they look mucho better

Most streetbikes dont have them. If you ride on the street only you should be all right

I think this:


Looks better than this:


Are those the velcro on ones or the ones where you have to drop the forks and slide them on. Anymore pics. Difficult angle

Are those the Velcro on ones or the ones where you have to drop the forks and slide them on. Anymore pics. Difficult angle

I think they are. They look it. If you are going to get some, get the Velcro ones so you can take them off whenever you want to look for water and mud/dirt. The more you can check the inside of them, the better life your seals will have.:applause:

Where did you buy thoes from, velcro thingy?

Back in olden days, a lot of bikes did not have boots. There were covers, sort of an abbreviated seal saver. Bugs should present no problem to seals. Grit is another matter. The covers that used to be used were good in that debris could not collect onto the top of the seal and sit there, waiting for a chance to worm its' way in. If you simply take your boots off, you will have a flat area for grit to collect. Boots should be removed regularly and cleaned out. Boots also help protect the fork legs from nicks caused by flying debris, which will instantly kill a seal and possibly the fork tube.

I think this:


Looks better than this:


Definitely! But why the hell is your bike so clean?

I don't... Nothing against you, but it's simply a personal preference.

Actually, the fork boots were the only reason I bought my bike... :bonk:

(Not really)

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