02 Cr250r jetting

Any ideas what causes the engine to surge when off the throttle. I am running stock jetting at 5000 ft. I am thinking about going to a JD kit. Anyone running the JD kit? How do you like it?

having the bike set to idle is waht causes the surging.turn the idle down.

Thanks. Any feedback with the JD kits..

as for the jd kits, its the best money i have ever spent on my cr! gave me noticeable power gains and stopped the fouling issues i had. highly recommended.


Alright so I got a hold of an 05 holdover and I have made an attempt to move the main jet needle in a bit to get rid of the spooging and relieve the fouling issues. Other than those two things bike runs like a champ. So my question is: How in the heck do I get the circlip off to move the needle in one notch?

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