FMF Powerbomb - Stroker SX-1 Combo

I have a FMF Powerbomb - Stroker SX-1 exhuast combo bought from Taffy. He also provided a little aluminium ring that provides the 'seal' between the two but its a good but not a perfect fit and I have a very small amount of carbon 'splatter' which has been shoved out of the tiny gaps that there are still left:

a) is this a cause for concern ?

:) If yes, how do I remedy it? Taffy mentioned some 'dog sh/t' if I remember well. Apart from processed PAL I'm not sure what that is! Anybody?

c) Aftermarket part ? Tried FMF no response, tried stroker, site is down has been for weeks. NEw site anybody?

d) Other

Also, the join tightening ring I have is too small. Can I get a larger diamter one ? From where ? have this combo right ? What did you do ?

:) HA ha ...I suspect, and no doubt if I'm wrong He'll tell me!,that by Dog **** , our Taff means exhaust paste, the white hideous crappy substance that every Kwik Fit fitter, knows only too well!

I'd suggest this as only a last resort, it works but it aint pretty! :D


I just got a stroker sx1 and put it on a stock headpipe. I used two seals, one that fit the stroker, and one that fit the stock pipe. The two fit together great.

Just a thought


what have you done to it lately missile?


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