need better street mirror for 650l. advice?

Hi. I've got the stock left mirror on now. I had a "L" 10 years ago and hated the mirrors. Just because i'm broad shouldered,not because of the mirror. So my question is... For street riding, which is 99% where the bike is, is there a different mirror i can install that would help for visibility? any advice welcome. thanks!:applause:



Bump....same here...

I have to squeeze my shoulder in to use either stock mirror on my L.

I am looking too...

I keep hearing the kawasaki klr 250 mirror is better :applause: but can not verify. I tried some rectangular aftermarket mirrors, but they did not hold up to the rigors of off road. I have to admit the stockers are tough, their just too tall and not wide enough. One solution would be to apply heat to stalk of mirror at the bend and tweak it to suit you. I will try this with mine and post results.:lol:

yeah. well, i've got to do some thinking. if i come up with a better idea, i'll let you guys know...

I dont like the stock ones but catn picture being able to split lanes with anything wider.

There is no point in riding around where i live in California if you cant split lanes.

check out the adjustable mirrors here!

Did you really mean here....

They look like they might just be the thing!!!!:lol:

Thanks, and they are inexpensive enough too. The only thing is the hose clamp mount, seems a bit primative, but hey its a mirror and they would be a $100 with some fancy billet mount, I would tape my bars at mounting location so as not to scratch my pro tapers! :applause:

I bought these mirrors at Cycle Gear the other day to replace the little snail mirrors that I had. These are great. The best part is that they are only $20 for the pair. Check out my site to see the photos.

Here's the KLR250 mirror on my 650L. Same thread, screws right in.


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