Tire suggestions for AZ conditions

Pretty new to AZ, and relatively new to this sport as well. I ride a YZ 250 and its getting time for a new rear tire. I currently run a Maxxis intermediate tire and it has done pretty well since I moved to AZ. Getting on to being time to replace it though, and I am looking for suggestions as to tires that those who live/ride here would recommend. I like Maxxis, but am open. Will ride mostly at Pima & Dynamite, Sycamore etc and ET Moto Park from time to time.

Oh, and the front tire is the Maxxis int. as well, its still in good condition. Do they need to be run together, or can the rear be switched out on its own?


I run the Dunlop D739 rear and Pirelli Mt18 up front and like this combo for the Az desert

i have a rmz450 and run a d739 also and it does well but did not last long. south south west az riding

d952 rear....d 756 front.......01 426..This is the best combo for me as of yet...

I like the maxxis desert IT on the rear, holds up great ect. and the front I run a chinese special that holds up pretty well for 35 bucks.

Maxxis Desert IT on the rear and a Dunlop 756 Race Replica on the front for me.. I ride out in vegas but its pretty close to az desert. :applause:

Maxxis IT or Maxxis IT Desert are the most popular here in Tucson. I've run both and been very happy with the life span. Need low low pressures with teh Desert version though! 8 psi and I swear the sidewalls barely flex.

Up front I run a Maxxis SI on the KX and like it. On the KDX I have a Maxxis 6001 (the goofy looking intermediate). I don't care for it much, especially in loose sand. Better than the Dunlop 739 I had previous to it.

Thanks for all the suggestions! :applause:

Maxxis IT rear, Maxxis Si front.

Maxxis IT rear is probably the most popular desert trail tire, as far as I can tell from asking around just like you're doing. For P&D and Sycamore type riding, it's my favorite too.

Tires don't need to be run matched. Few people do.

Another Maxxis IT rear user. They last forever and have plenty of grip. Up front I run a Dunlop 756.

I like Dunlop D756 front and rear. The paddle pattern on the back is good for control in sand and the soft rubber grips the rocks on goat trails well. Since I don't spin a lot, they last 500mi or more. I run 14-15psi with good results.

I have used all types of tires and I have found what works best for me is the maxxis IT in the back and the maxxis SI in the front stay away from the "done-flop" tires they tear up fast and the front tires don't grip as well:lame: . I only get about three to four rides out of the "done-flop" rear tires. and yes I have tries a couple of them. :applause:

maxxis it or kenda carlsbad rear only....never run a carlsbad on the front very unstable at high speeds

i love my maxxis IT it works out great every where in arizona with the 120-100-18 on my wr...at the track and desert and wears like no other (in a good way like brand new still) its my "super traction tire"

I run the Dunlop D739 rear and Pirelli Mt18 up front and like this combo for the Az desert

I second this...Don't think there is a better combo, in the desert, than the Dunlop 739 Desert A/T on the rear, with the Pirelli MT18 Heavy Duty up front...Works awesome!!

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